July 2020 Project Profile

While the Dollar Tree in Smelterville, Idaho is a small project, it touches most of our scopes of work and highlights why All Wall is the go-to subcontractor for many GC’s that we’ve built a relationship with over the years, and those who work with us for the first time.

This 10,000 square foot free-standing building is built with our studs supporting the roof joists and roof, utilizing bearing stud-packs at each joist and support blocking at the roof line for the deck angle. With radius dimensions from the plans, we had CWALLA pre-bend track to make installation of the arched entryway on the southern face of the building an easy and clean install. That same southern face will be receiving a stucco/EIFS finish, with pre-formed arched cornice pieces at the entry, and pre-formed cornice pieces at the columns as well. Once the stucco/EIFS is completed, our paint crew will be painting the top EIFS band and metal parapet cap. About the time the above-mentioned work is completed, we will have insulated and hung the interior side of the exterior walls, finished them to a level 4, and be ready for paint. As all we are providing is a shell for the owner, we won’t be installing any interior walls or acoustical ceilings, so once we’ve painted the interior walls to 12’ we walk out the door and on to the next one…

Joshua Menosky


June 2020 Project Profile

The New Health Sciences Project is officially underway. This project is located on Central Washington University’s Campus in Ellensburg, Washington. This state of the art 81,000 square foot facility will house the schools Clinical Physiology, Nutrition, Paramedicine, Public Health Programs, and Exercise Sciences. We are preforming heavy gauge exterior metal framing, light gauge interior metal framing, and drywall hanging and taping. The exterior framing isn’t a typical framing system with the wall being framed from the top of the windowsill to top of the windowsill instead of floor line to floor line. Due to this we are panelizing parts of the exterior framing for the job at our shop in Post Falls, Idaho. Roscoe Davenport is the Crew Lead on this job and is working closely with T.W. Clark’s Superintendent to make this project a great success. We are working hard to get the exterior of this massive building closed up before winter hits. The completion of our scopes is anticipated to be end of the year 2021.

-By Cody Luttrull

May 2020 Project Profile

This Project is a new building at the Kootenai County Ramsey Transfer Station for handling hazardous household waste.Our scopes are framing, drywall, plywood wainscot, painting and resinous flooring. The floor coating was outside of what we normally do in that it was a 1/8” Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) basecoat with 2 different topcoats of Novolac epoxy. The MVT coating allows water vapor to escape through the floor and provides impact resistance while the Novolac epoxies provide protection against a variety of chemicals.

-By Brian McAnnally

March 2020 Project Profile

The Welding Shop Consolidation project is officially underway after multiple project delays due to government suspensions. This high security project is located on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam naval shipyard and is part of our nation’s largest, most comprehensive fleet repair and maintenance facility between the U.S. West Coast and the Far East. The students and workers at the Weld Shop help to provide a capable, ready and “Fit to Fight” fleet by repairing, maintaining and modernizing the U.S. Pacific fleet. We are performing heavy gauge metal stud framing, drywall hanging and ACT scopes on the new office and classroom portions of the job. Tyler Brady is our Crew Leader on site and has been doing a great job working closely with Bethel Contracting’s Superintendent to help make this project a success. Completion of our scopes is anticipated to be in June of 2020.

-Scott Pinkerton, Project Manager

February 2020 Project Profile

The finish line is in sight at Triton Mission Control. By mid-February, drywall and painting will be complete and ACT ceilings well underway. Now is the time to run hard to the finish line and keep the good momentum we have going. It has been our team’s ability to meet the schedule and manpower demands that has made this project successful. Bethel-Webcor JV has been our customer and will be again this summer when we start the P-253 Fleet Control project. We look forward to finishing Triton strong and carrying the success into P-253. A BIG Thank You to everyone who made the trek to Whidbey and helped to deliver another quality project!

-Michael Hauschild, Project Manager

January 2020 Project Profile

At Home is a large home décor store that is gradually expanding into the Northwest, each store has a footprint of 80,000SF.  Work is currently underway on our fourth At Home project with Parkway Construction out of Texas, with our scope of work being Paint and ACT.  The At Home stores that we have painted average 1800 gallons of paint and usually take 2-3 months. This particular store is being fast tracked and will be done in under 2 months.  A major feature of these projects is the large exposed ceilings that take 1200 gallons of flat white dryfall (paint that dries as it falls).  Dave Barringer is the lead on his second store that is scheduled to open Feb 6, 2020.

-Brian McAnnally, Project Manager

December 2019 Project Profile

Wiggett Building, named after James Wiggett a early developer and merchant in Coeur d’Alene, is a 27,000sf 3 Story Building on the corner of 4th & Lakeside in Coeur d’Alene just a couple of blocks from the One Lakeside Project.  The building was originally a Montgomery Wards that was built in the 1920’s but sat empty for over 10 years prior to its renovation.  The building is a mixed use building with office spaces occupied by Welch Comer Engineers, The Murray Group and Widmyer Corporation and retail spaces with a Woops café and hot yoga studio.  All Wall worked directly for the Owner and alongside LaRiviere Contracting and performed many scopes including drywall hanging & taping, painting, blown-in insulation and ACT.  The bulk of our work is complete but we continue to work on retail space tenant improvements when the Owners rent new spaces.

-Gene Rohrs, Project Manager


July 2020

Bethel Hospital

June 2020

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Davis
Whatcom County Courthouse EIFS

May 2020

Photo Credit: Jacob Eleazer
Foxtail Elementary Cloud Soffit

April 2020

Photo of Bethel Hospital in Alaska from our Archives!

March 2020

Photo Credit: Josh Silba
Before and After Painting of Delta Fuel in Alaska

February 2020

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The Watts Signage Painting

January 2020

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Project Rose (Amazon Dist. Center)


December 2019

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Spokane Housing Authority